Don't give up, persevere! EPISODE 11 - Nicholas Trainos ! “Perseverance and resilience in schools”


🤝 Lâche pas, persévère ! // Don't give up, persevere ! 🤝

Perseverance and resilience in schools

When a teacher and student must adapt quickly during unexpected times, strength and resilience develop.
Across Canada, we know already that teachers and students alike have had to adapt to online learning quickly. Our guest today is Nicholas Trainos, a teacher from George Harvey Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario. Nicholas gives us his wisdom and insight about how he perseveres during the pandemic and the value of resilience in life in general. We begin our conversation by talking about his experience working as a teacher when the school closed and leading Youth Fusion’s virtual Video Game Design program with his students. We dig into the lessons that enable him to stay motivated and his insight on how young people can succeed. We end our conversation by talking about lifelong learning and how strength can be forged after hard times.

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